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Lib/Lab argreement reached at Lancashire County Council

by johnpotter on 24 May, 2013

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The Liberal Democrat and Labour group have come to a provisional agreement regarding the future administration of Lancashire County Council.

A statement from the Liberal Democrat group says, “The Liberal Democrat and Labour groups acknowledge that no party has overall control of the county council. Both groups are fully committed to ensure we provide the people of Lancashire with services in an open and democratic way, and ensure the county council has a strong, stable and open leadership.

This is an agreement to support the Labour Party to form a minority administration on the basis of supporting their nomination for Leader of the county council.

Whilst other matters which go to Full Council will be decided on a case by case basis (supply and confidence), it is our full intention wherever possible to reach a consensus on policy and budget decisions before Full Council meetings.

More information will follow, however you can download the agreement by clicking on the following link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47758809/AMENDED%20LIB%20DEM%20AGREEMENT.pdf

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