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Fighting for Fairness – Tory SEND Charges Reversed

by johnpotter on 24 June, 2012

Campaigning Victory as Local Conservatives U-turn on Charging Special Needs Children £1,200

(Cllr Potter with concerned parent Samantha Molloy)

Local families and Liberal Democrat campaigners have been celebrating after the Conservative controlled Lancashire County Council U-turned on its plans to charge children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) up to £1,200 to travel to school beyond 16 years old.

At the county budget meeting, only the Liberal Democrats opposed these awful plans that would have severely affected the lives of many families in the area. Shamefully, the Labour party voted with the Conservatives.

Fulwood Lib Dem Cllr John Potter said: “This is fantastic news that the Conservatives have been forced to change their minds. The question is; how did leader Geoff Driver and the rest of the Conservatives think it was acceptable to want to charge SEND children to get to school?”

Leader of the Lib Dems at County Council, Bill Winlow said: “I’m very proud that we stood up against these charges when the Labour group simply rolled over and accepted them. With the county elections next year, people will remember how uncaring the local Conservatives can be when left unchecked.”

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