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Cadley Rewards Hardworking Local Councillor

by johnpotter on 11 May, 2012

Re-elected Cllr John Potter at the count with the Fulwood Team

Lib Dems in Cadley Ward win 50.2% of the vote – up 7%. They also nearly double their majority  to over 400. 44% turnout – best in Fulwood (2nd best in the city).

Result in Full

John Potter (Lib Dems) – 826 – 50.2% – UP 7%

Conservatives – 411 – 25% – DOWN 3%

Labour 408 – 24.7% – DOWN 4%

Once again the people of Cadley ward have rewarded the all-year-round efforts of their local Focus team by re-electing Councillor John Potter with just over 50% of the vote.

Cllr John Potter said, “Firstly I want to thank the other candidates for standing. It was a wonderful result and many thanks to the people of Cadley ward, the volunteers who helped me throughout and the many residents who put posters and garden stakes up in support.”

“This election was not about party politics, it was who gets the work done locally. Thank you all once again.”

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