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Conservatives Target Special Needs Children and Families

by johnpotter on 9 April, 2012

(The Molloy Family – worried about the future)

The Conservative run County Council are wanting to start charging students with special educational needs and disabilities to get to school.

Students aged 16-24, like Joshua Molloy, will be charged £1,000 for transport to a school/college of more than 3 miles distance from home and £1,200 where the distance is greater than 8 miles.

Joshua’s mum, Samantha Molloy said, “It’s a constant battle to get everything you need for a child with special needs. This is another worry and stress for our family. Geoff Driver (the Conservative Leader of Lancashire County Council) needs to put people before potholes.”

Samantha’s husband Andrew added, “Come September, what happens if we don’t have the money? If we have to move Joshua to a different school it would be terrible. Not only will he struggle to cope with the change, but the other schools locally can’t meet his special needs.”

“We are speaking for everyone affected, not just our son.”

Greyfriars Lib Dem Campaigner Michael Yates said, “The Conservative County Council is attacking the most vulnerable within our society. The Lib Dem alternative budget would continue to fund these transport costs and safeguard the well being of these children.”

After coming under fire for his disgraceful comments regarding disabled families, Labour County Cllr Carl Crompton and the Labour group refused to amend the Conservative plans and then voted against the Lib Dem budget that protected special needs children.

Fighting for the most Vulnerable – Cllr John Potter with Samantha Molloy

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